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The evolution of my online identity continues with my latest redesign of my personal website. With the prior design, I mentioned that I had gotten into a bit of an obsession with minimalism, and that was heavily reflected in the design. A bit too much some might say. I’ll admit that as time went on, it started feeling emptier and emptier to me, so I decided to change that.

I kept blue as the primary color, since it’s my favorite and I still like the idea of a tri-color scheme on my three websites, so I don’t want to change that just yet. The other dominant color is dark grey as a contrast to the stark-white of the previous design. The biggest departure, other than the color is that the layout is not centered. If you took a look at the past dozen or so designs I’ve done, they’re all centered. So I went for something a little different, and with more color. One last big addition is the use of CSS 3 effects, namely drop-shadows and rotation on a few selet elements to give the design a little more life.

Note: You’ll need a non-Internet Explorer browser to see some of the effects.

Launched: June 1, 2010
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